Postgraduate Studies
Department of Economics

University of Thessaly - Volos

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Postgraduate studies in the science of Economics

The program is aimed at individuals seeking specialized knowledge in the area of Economic Science. The aims of the programs come to meet the growing demands of society and the market in the use of quantitative methods and practical applications. Teaching and mentoring done by internationally recognized faculty with wide range of disciplines.

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Offered MSc. Curricula

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MSc in Applied Economics: 24210-74700

MSc in Entrepreneurship: 24210-74876

MSc in Tourism and Cultural Planning and Development: 24210-74494, 24210-74399

MSc in Financial Accounting and Auditing: 2421006349

MSc in EconoPhysics - Financial Forecasting: 2421006349

Vasileios Tzimourtos,MSc,MSc, Technical Laboratory Staff - Informatics, Dept. of Economics - University of Thessaly